At Night – There is Light even when it is Dark

This is another project that has been going on in the backgrounds for a few years. It is mostly about showing the city and suburbs from another side than the one we are used to. Poetry and mystery are words that can describe my feelings for this photo-project. What hides in the shadows? What secrets does the darkness protect? The shadows that move through the streets, are they lovers? Are they friends going out for a drink? Or maybe there are gangsters on their way to punish someone for an unpaid debt?

My current photo-projects will remain work-in-progress indefinitely, until I decide otherwise. I think some images can’t be stressed out. They simply have to appear at the right time and moment. Maybe I could carry the camera with me more often, but life has its limitations. Can’t do that always.

The images are mostly made in-camera. Some have some added details, mainly because the image-idea could not be done in any other way.


Finished Images

First part of images are ones that I will not work with any more. They are finished and I will not work with them any more. Maybe more could be done. More can always be done, but I don’t think it would benefit them. As the project grows (I have loads of images that I have not been able to do anything with yet. So more will come.


Work In Progress

Let me have your opinion on wether these images are any good or not. Input is always good, but I will not necessarily agree with your input. 😉